Cozy Up in a Cardigan
There’s nothing quite like putting a cardigan on when the weather starts to get a little cooler. For one, it’s a great piece for segueing between the seasons – it’s not as full commitment as a sweater and it can be buttoned up or unbuttoned as the weather dictates.

slouchy gray leg of mutton sleeve knitted open cardigan cardy

We also love layering up in the late summer and fall and cardigans are perfect for doing just that. Depending on their style, they look equally chic whether worn over a girly tea dress or a smart office day dress or skirt and blouse. They also work well no matter if you’re wearing them with distressed jeans and sneakers or a chic pair of pants and heels.

white and black striped longer length cardigan knitwear with pockets

And if cardigans conjure up images of old ladies – or of you being bundled up in them as a child, relax because the new cardigan is effortlessly stylish. No more bobbly wool or handkerchiefs stuffed into pockets; this season’s cardigan is more about looking good than looking cold!

pale pink button through classic knitted cardigan fall 2018

Even better, our cardigan collection has something for everyone, whether you like to wear your cardies short and sweet or you prefer something a little longer. Bonus: the great thing about the new longer length cardys is that they’re super flattering and help create a longer, leaner silhouette.

white ankle length long knitted cardigan jacket fall 2018 knitwear

And if you're thinking that cardigans and knitwear are all a little...well tame for you, never fear because cardies don't have to be plain or neutral. Just take a look at our wild animal patterned version for the proof. Now that's knitwear gone wild - we want to hear you roar! 

brown and black animal leopard patterned knit slouchy cardigan jacket knitwear

So let us know in the comments – will you be updating your closet with a new cardigan this coming season? And if so, will it be long, short or somewhere in between?
September 12, 2018 — Moly Pretty

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