The New Handkerchief Hemline
This season here at MolyPretty we are very much loving our new range of open front cardigans and jackets that feature an asymmetric hemline, otherwise known as a handkerchief hemline. This particular, irregular way of finishing a dress, top or jacket, has been around since the 1920s when flapper dresses became the choice of evening wear for bright young things, replacing the more formal floor length gowns favored by their mothers and grandmothers.

white fluffy asymmetric irregular hemline soft knitted long handkerchief cardigan

 The handkerchief hem has fallen in and out of favor since then - it was popular in the early and mid 2000s, embracing the boho or grunge look that was popular at the time. Since then skirts and dresses with asymmetric hems have made occasional appearances on the runways but we for one are glad they're making an appearance this season.

orange floral print asymmetric handkerchief hemline bow front sun dress

While a handkerchief sleeve is an enduring staple on a summer dress, the handkerchief hem is a great compromise if you can't decide whether to opt for a long or short skirt or dress. If a mini skirt feels too overtly sexy and a maxi dress, too dowdy, a floaty, flippy and flirty midi length handkerchief hemline will allow you to embrace the two - showing off a little leg, but not too much!

black and white striped irregular handkerchief asymmetric hemline dress

And although the style can occasionally feel slightly whimsical, the new fall collections are seeing asymmetric hemlines that are thoroughly modern and edgy. Chic tailored jackets and longer length cardigans are your new daytime go-to and will look effortlessly stylish whether worn over cigarette pants and boots or a favorite pair of worn in jeans and sneakers.

baby pink asymmetric hemline knitted irregular handkerchief cardigan

The other thing we love about handkerchief hem jackets and sweaters is how flattering the cut is. The draped cuts flow over your silhouette creating interest and detail that either minimizes unwanted lumps and bumps or adds shape and form to a boyish figure, depending on your personal preference.

gray asymmetric lapels handkerchief hemline cardigan jacket and brown scarf

So what do you think? Are handkerchief dresses for you or do you prefer the more neutral colors and cuts of our handkerchief hem cardigans? Let us know in the comments, fashionistas! 

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